There are many people that actually get annoyed when insects are present in their home. Spiders and other bugs can really make your everyday life very uncomfortable.

In fact, you don’t need to worry anymore about these bugs because we have the best natural solution that will help you get rid of spiders and bugs forever.

Here are the 6 best recipes:

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar is very effective against spiders and bugs, and you should pour some vinegar in the spray bottle and spray all around the home in order to get rid of them. You should also spray the crevices and cracks, as well as any other place where you will notice insects.

  1. Cedar

This is very powerful insect and spider repel. It is great for eliminating insects especially if you use wood outdoors. For best protection of the house you should use cedar mulch, and place it all around the house.

  1. Citrus

Citrus is very effective against insects and bugs. Citrus peels such as lemons, oranges, and limes should be used for rubbing of the walls, windows sills and baseboards in order to keep them away.

  1. Peppermint oil

You will need to pour peppermint oil in a spray bottle, and use it to spray in every area of the house where you will notice spiders and spider webs. This will help you keep these creatures away, as well as give you nice smell in the house

  1. Clean your yard

You should always keep the yard clean in order not to attract insects and spiders. Make sure that you clean it on regular basis especially in places such as grass, clippings, piles of wood, and leaves.

  1. Clean your house

You should also keep the house clean in order to prevent insects from entering. Make sure that you always remove cobwebs or spider webs, and clean the dust regularly.

Here is how to get rid of other pests

In case you have other pests in your home, you should mix peppermint and vinegar spray. Pour this mixture in spray bottle and spray around the house. You could also use other essential oil besides the peppermint.

Also you could use garlic and pepper powder because bugs hate these ingredients. In case of problem with ants you should cut few slices of cucumber and place them in areas where you notice ants. If you want to get rid of flies use crushed mint leaves.

You should always use natural remedies in order to get rid of bugs and insects in your home. Avoid using commercial cleaners because they are packed with chemicals that could be harmful for your health.

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