This riddle is stumping the Internet. Can you solve it?

There’s a wordplay riddle that’s circulating the internet, and it’s driving people crazy.

A woman named Lacey Read posted a riddle on Facebook. The answer to the riddle is surprisingly easy — only if you’ve had someone point it out of course. Once you figure out what it is — you’ll be kicking yourself for not noticing it sooner.

Think you can figure it out?

Here is the word puzzle that’s making people all over the world go crazy!

Lacey noticed the sign as she was walking down the street and decided to snap the picture and share it on Facebook. She had no idea that of the frenzy that would ensue.

Within one week’s time — Lacey’s post of the riddle that messed with her mind was shared over 200,000 times and garnered over 45,000 reactions. How on earth could this riddle possibly make any sense?!

Let’s see if we can help you figure it out. One Facebook commenter had a tip for everyone.

More and more comments started flooding in on Lacey’s post as it reached viral status. People were beginning to voice how frustrated they were getting because they just couldn’t figure it out.

Then, more and more people started commenting the minute they finally felt the relief of figuring it out. It was a moment of glory for many riddle-solvers.

Have you figured it out yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t — it’s a bit tricky to solve unless someone helps break it down for you first.

Alright — let’s think about this and talk it through.

‘What’ has four letters. Literally.

Make sense? Read it as a statement instead of a question. Let’s move on…

‘Sometimes’ has nine letters. Yes, it does. S-O-M-E-T-I-M-E-S.

Okay, are you starting to pick up on the trend here now? Read it slowly. Read it as a statement. And read it very literally.

But ‘never’ has five letters. Those five letters, of course, being N-E-V-E-R.

Basically — once you’ve seen the answer and figured it out, it seems so simple. Our brains do funny things when we’re trained to speak and read a language in a certain way or under a certain context. It can be quite frustrating at times!

Lacey’s full Facebook post of her brain teaser is below. Were you able to figure it out right away or did you need a little help?

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