10 Things Your Nails Can Reveal About Your Health

Nails are considered a purely aesthetic feature. But, they are more than a platform for nail art and bright colors.

The color, shape, and texture of your natural nails are actually a window into your body. Nail abnormalities can reveal a lot about your overall health. Moreover, they are usually an indicator of a fungal nail infection or injury. However, they may be an indicator of a more serious underlying condition, including cancer. In addition, changes in the nail, like thickening or discoloration may be a sign of various health issues, such as diabetes, anemia, lung and heart conditions, and kidney and liver diseases.

That’s not all, the growth rate of your nails could also reveal a lot about your health. Namely, healthy nails grow about 3.5 millimeters per month. This can be affected by your nutritional status, chronic disease, trauma, medications, and even the aging process itself.

In case you see any dramatic changes in your nails, such as discolorations, swelling, or thickness or shape changes, consult a dermatologist.

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