10 Things You Never Knew About ‘Dirty Dancing’

What could possibly be better than snuggling up with on a cloudy day with one of the best romantic dramas of all time, Dirty Dancing?

Dirty Dancing was a pretty low-budget film that didn’t really have any huge names in starring roles. Yet, it swiftly became one of the best-remembered movies in recent history. Some of the scenes are absolutely unforgettable!

Released in 1987, this movie was the first to sell over 1 million copies on home video. Perhaps it was fortuitous timing alongside the rise of home video technology that gave this film its lasting success. But I personally think it may have had much more to do with the fact that it’s simply a lovable film!

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey made such a lasting impression on so many of us with their portrayals of Johnny and Baby — take this bride and groom, for example!

Is Dirty Dancing one of your favorite movies? I bet that even if it is, you didn’t know each and every one of these 10 Dirty Dancing facts.

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