11 Valuable Tips People Would Give To Their Younger Selves

Whether it’s good or bad, We always have some great experiences in life that can teach someone not to repeat same mistakes. Sometimes we sit in one of our not so favorite coffee shops or bars thinking that if we would do something that day, we sit in the desired coffee shop or bar instead of this one. It’s just an example; we have to make a lot of compromises in our life because of our mistakes. So today in this post, we are going to tell you 11 advice people generally give to their younger selves.


#1 – Learn A Skill

Early childhood is considered as the best time to learn a new skill. As a child, almost all of us never go through much stress. Moreover, those who started earlier gather more experience than those who start late. Ultimately, to survive in this cruel world, we need skills, not degree because, in the end, we have to pass the interview after getting that degree.


#2 –Everything Is Going To Be Okay In The End

Maybe you have done all those things that you shouldn’t have. You wasted a lot of time, you abused yourself and the people around you, you haven’t saved any money for now. Well, all we want to say is there’s no deadline to change. You can change yourself whenever you want. Finally, in the end, it’s you who decide what’s your ultimate phase of life will look like. You can read colonel sanders story. How he was able to achieve success at the age of 65 with KFC.


#3 – Don’t Sacrifice Too Much

Please understand that you don’t need to sacrifice everything you got. Don’t make this a habit because when you don’t need to sacrifice, you’ll still do it. However, you won’t become the most respected or noblest person doing so. One day, you may wake up saying that the life isn’t fair. So never start this game on your journey.


#4 – It’s Good That You Are Fast But Don’t Go Too Fast

So you have tried out cigarettes, beers, masturbation, etc. They seem thrilling at a young age, but once you grow you up, you thrive a lot to find a way to get rid of such habits. The problem with the younger generation is that they don’t have time to think why they are doing something? If they do it right now, will it make any difference to their lives? They just do it blindly because they want everything faster. If they ask themselves these two simple questions, they can make a lot of difference in their lives.


#5 – Don’t Let Your Tears Come Out Because of A Breakup

As a teenager, it’s hard to understand love and sometimes when they feel attracted to someone; they believe that they are in love. Don’t let anybody too close to you instantly because it doesn’t mean if they are attracted to you; they love you too. If you like someone, there’s no problem in getting into a relationship, but don’t suffer from it just because of a breakup. Just keep in your mind that your partner isn’t permanent, he or she may leave you someday.


#6 – Take Care of Sleeping and Eating

The two aspects of teenager’s life that they most likely to abuse. Parents keep yelling at their kids to have a good night sleep and to take right meals. The concept of telling you about this is that only wealth doesn’t make you a successful person, you have to be mentally, physically, and socially successful as well. And when you reach at the age of 40, you’ll thank your younger self for keeping care of yourself in every aspect of life.


#7 – Understand The Term “Money.”

Believe it or not, the world considers you as the successful person only when you got some money in your pocket. So master the art of handling money before it gets too late. If you want respect, then go and fill your pockets because people never take broke people advice. In addition to this, invest your money wisely because, once you get old, you won’t be able to regain today’s strength.


#8 –  Never Underestimate Education

Don’t think that it’s just an old saying that people used to tell their younger selves. We aren’t telling you to get an A in exams; we want you to understand the concepts instead of mugging them up. All of this reminds me of a great Russian playwright and short storyteller, Anton Chekov, ‘he said that knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.’


#9 – Do What You Love The Most

Do you want to die happy or disappointed with a bag of money? Chose your job wisely and live your life to the fullest so that you won’t regret later in the 60s for not going on a trip with your best friends or something else.


#10 – Whenever You Feel Disappointed With Life, Just Connect With Your Best Buddies

The best thing you can do to refresh your life is to connect with your best friends like old times. When we are around our best friends, we forget about everything because they don’t let us be free for even one second. However, If you don’t have any best friends, then go on a solo trip to explore and observe things that you never did.


#11 – Your Group Decide That Who You Will Be

If you are in a group of drug addicts, I can bet that one day you will become a drug addict too. How many times have you told such examples to yourself? Sometimes we chose the people who teach us to walk on the wrong path. And sometimes we wanted people who contribute to our growth. So learn to identify people around you and ask yourself, whether this guy or girl is contributing to my growth or holding me back?


Be sure to tell above things to your younger selves. If you feel that there’s more, feel free to share them with us.


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