11 ways to upcycle old suitcases

If we told you that there are ways to upcycle your old suitcase, would you rather leave them lying around your home collecting dust? Or even throw them in the trash? No way!
We have gathered the best DIY projects that will inspire you to get your crafting hat on, and repurpose your battered suitcases. With projects ranging from bed side tables to dog beds to serving trays, we’re sure there will be a project that is just right for you.


1. Make a coffee table
Transforming your suitcase into a coffee table is genius. Add four chair legs, and colour of your choice, and you can give your old suitcase a new purpose.
2. Make a stacked suitcase bedside table
Looking for a bed side table? Do you have a stack of old suitcases? Then look no more because here is some inspiration for a DIY stacked suitcase bedside table. Look how gorgeous this looks. All you need is some paint and you’re ready to recreate this look.
3. Repurpose as a vanity and towel holder
This project makes the storage in your home both eye-pleasing and practical. Give your suitcase a new life in your bathroom or kitchen.
4. Turn it into a chalkboard
This suitcase chalkboard is perfect for gatherings and outdoor weddings. It is fun and super easy to make.
5. Repurpose as a dog bed
Words can’t say how cute this is! We love this idea of turning an old suitcase into a bed for your four legged friend. Instead of throwing out that old battered suitcase, give your pet a “new” bed.
6. Turn it into a medicine cabinet
How great does this suitcase turned medicine cabinet look? This storage idea is great for your home as it also accentuates a vintage look.
7. Repurpose as a desk
If this isn’t genius, we don’t know what is. This amazing project transforms your old suitcase into a unique desk.
8. Turn it into a craft storage box
As crafters, we all know the stresses of having a disorganized craft space. With this nifty storage box using your old suitcase, it will save you lots of time and space to store all your craft supplies.
9. Make a serving tray
Carry breakfast in style with this repurposed suitcase serving tray. You can customise the lining of the tray in any way you want, but we absolutely love this floral look.
10. Turn them into wall shelves
Let’s be honest, this interior screams vintage. If you love a good old vintage interior. Transform your suitcases into handy wall shelves to display all your knick knacks.
11. Turn it into a jewelry display box
Sick and tired of having odd pairs of earrings and tangled necklaces? Here is an easy and simple project to upcycle your old suitcase into a jewelry display box.

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