14 Symptoms That Indicate You Have Very High Blood Pressure

14 Symptoms That Indicate You Have Very High Blood Pressure
Diabetes Mellitus describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose, either because insulin production is inadequate, or because the body’s cells do not respond property to insulin, or in some cases both.

Diabetes can cause serious health complications including heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, and lower-extremity amputations. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the U.S.

All of us should worry about the blood sugar level, because if it is high for extended periods of time, it can lead to diabetes or other serious health disease.

Eating a lot of sugar, drinking soda, smoking, genetic predispositions, stress and physical inactivity are the main reasons of high blood

glucose. (1)

The symptoms of type 2 diabetes can be so mild you don’t notice them. In fact, about 8 million people who have it don’t know it.

The most common symptoms are:

-Being very thirsty
-Dry mouth
-Peeing a lot
-Blurry vision
-Being irritable
-Tingling or numbness in your hands or feet
-Feeling worn out
-Wounds that don’t heal
-Yeast infections that keep coming back
-Weight gain

Using a Glycemic Index Food List to Decrease High Blood Sugar Symptoms

The glycemic index measures how a carbohydrate-containing food raises blood glucose. It uses a scale from 0 to 100. The higher the values, the most rapid rise in blood sugar are.

Low glycemic foods (the scale is from 0 to 54):

-1 cup walnuts – 15
-also 1 cup broccoli – 10
-1 egg – 0
-1 cup hummus – 6
-also 1 cup cherries – 22
-1 apple – 38
-1 cup yogurt – 23
-also 1 cup spaghetti – 42
-1 cup green grapes – 46
-1 cup kidney beans – 34
-also 1 cup butter beans – 31
-1 carrot – 47
-1 orange – 48
-one banana – 52

Moderate glycemic foods (the scale id from 55 to 69):

-1 tablespoon honey – 55
-1 cup brown rice – 55
-also 1 cup oatmeal – 58
-1 cup white rice – 64

High glycemic foods (the scale if from 70-100) which you should avoid:

-2 cups popcorn – 72
-1 slice white bread – 70
-1 medium potato – 85
-50 grams glucose – 100 (2)

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