16 Reasons Why You Cannot Leave Children Alone With Their Dads. Number 5 Is Enough Proof For Me!

Every now and then you have to leave your child alone with Daddy! It’s not often it happens ( Well in my case anyway ) but when it does some of the craziest things can happen. We have gathered a list of 16 of the craziest reasons why children should not be left alone with their Dads! If you enjoyed this funny list then please share with your friends and family!

1 – Anything goes when dad is babysitting

2 – I know she loves dad but himself and mam won’t love you after this!

3 – He will turn your child into a game addict over night!

4 – They will be totally gross!

5 – Safety is never an issue…

6 – This is exactly what I see when he throws our little one in the air!

7 – He will turn your child into a Kiwi!

8 – And dress him up like a biker!

9 – Eventually he will start to look like him!

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