People Are Going Wild For These Absolute Ripped Jeans Which Cost $166

Jacob W.Davis and Levi Strauss were the first people who invented jeans in 1871. At that time, jeans were pretty simple and classy, but today, a lot of fashion designers has reinvented the wheel which turns out in more looks and styles. Jeans look good on men and women both, and big brands always struggle to create something different on the basis of a classic model of the jeans. Do you know why? Because these are still popular and it will be easy for big brands to get in touch with customers by their new innovative ideas & styles. However, There are styles that you can’t even imagine. Yes, there are, and in the few seconds, I am going to reveal all those unpredictable jeans, and in the end, I will show you the $166 a pair masterpiece that can shock you genuinely. So for now, have a look at these unpredictable jeans:


Butt Zipper Jeans

Levis and Vetements together launched a pair of jeans with a zipper on the butts. It consists of a zipper which goes from up to down or vice versa through the wearer’s buttcrack.


Detachable Legs Jeans

These type of jeans have proved that technology isn’t the only catalyst that reduced our work. Fashion has also contributed to the reduction of human effort. We can always remove and put on these jeans whenever we want. We can wear these jeans as shorts by just removing the legs. To me, it is a great innovative idea which is very practical. This is okay, but the next one may think you a bit.


Mud-Splattered Jeans

And these are the jeans that can give you a shitty look. However, it isn’t that bad and in my opinion, It worth a try. Mud-splattered Jeans are in the market as the revolutionary fashion trend which competes with all the slightly ripped jeans.


In addition to this, you can also make your DIY ripped jeans. This video can help you out!

Your jeans will look like this after ripping




As promised, here is the masterpiece that can make you say what? Is it jeans too? These jeans barely cover any part of the lower portion. It seems that these jeans cover less than a tiny pair of Daisy Dukes. You can find these jeans at CARMAR Denim. They refer these jeans as ‘extreme cut out jeans.’

The retail price of ‘extreme cut out jeans’ is $166 which can be considered a complete cheat. These pair of jeans doesn’t make any sense, but still, you may find it surprising that this is selling in the US. Why would someone on earth buy these? Maybe these people are the festivalgoers of Coachella who are looking for a unique outfit.

Thank god! At least they have provided pockets in it 🙂

The surprising bitter truth: These jeans are so fashionable that there’s a wait-list for purchases! I don’t know how they managed to sell it out?

If you ask me whether I would buy it or not? For me, it would be way better to wear the simple one.

But wait! What do you think about extreme cut out jeans? Comment below to let us know.