17 Celebs Post Selfies Without Make-Up on and Everyone’s Loving the Natural Beauty

The glossy veneer of celebrity can be at once an aspirational paradigm to which one can only haplessly strive, and a vapid concept which holds far too much influence over our lives.

The sleek, contoured world of Instagram filters and makeup tutorials in which the celebrities of our modern culture operate arguably perpetuate an idealised reality that is simply unattainable to vast swathes of the population; an effervescent parallel universe than can make our own existence feel nebulous by comparison.

While celebrities hold more influence over our lives than many of us would care to admit – or even realise – it can also be hard to relate to popular public figures who live their lives flitting between private jets and courtside basketball seats.

The emollient pool of celebrity becomes further distorted from reality through airbrushed magazine images and astonishing make up, though for those who feel distanced from their favourite superstar, a recent trend has seen several prominent public figures post make up free selfies. Take a look.

1. Jennifer Lopez 

2. Ariel Winter

3. Sofia Vergara

4. Katie Couric

5. Gwyneth Paltrow

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