19 Teens Wore Their Mom’s Vintage Dresses To Prom And Looked Incredible

For the adolescents of today, the prom is a rite of passage. Choosing a perfect outfit is absolutely paramount to one’s enjoyment of the evening. Cue a startling array of the gladdest of rags, a veritable cornucopia of fashionistas enrobed in the most well-tailored, intricately designed, hottest labels designed by the foremost fashion designers, hoping to be the envy of friends and foes alike come prom night.

Prom is the perfect chance to shape one’s image for the future, before the often dizzying and unremitting mix of study and play that makes up college takes over one’s life. The dress is the thing, then, and in recent years a brilliant new trend has been surfacing, of prom teens digging out their mom’s own vintage dresses to wear on their big night, and they look absolutely stunning.

2. Sassiest dress ever

3. A timeless classic

4. Even the smallest details remain the same

5. Elegant and sophisticated

6. Ladies in red

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