2-Year-Old Can’t Talk, Has Internet Dying Of Laughter When She Still ‘Tells’ Her Mom Off

There are some people who never speak up for themselves and just deal with whatever is handed to them. And then there are others who refuse to get stepped on and will speak up for themselves.

It’s likely that they learned this strength as a child.

And it’s even more likely that they learned how to be this way from their parents. Little kids start talking back real early on. Basically, as soon as they grow up.

“When a child talks back, what he’s really expressing is anger, frustration, fear, or hurt,” Jane Nelsen, author of Positive Discipline, told Baby Center.

It starts with a “NO!” when it’s time to go to bed and then an “I DON’T WANNA” when it’s time to leave their cousin’s house and ends with “But so-and-so’s parents let her” when they want to go to the mall without adults.

One sassy little girl named Heaven who was featured on the Steve TV show’s Just One More Thing segment has been talking back before she could even talk.

“If you’re a parent you know that kids will argue and fight with you over some of the dumbest stuff,” TV Show Host Steve Harvey explains. “Half the time they don’t even know what they’re arguing about. This 2-year-old girl —who doesn’t have a real command for the English language yet because she’s only 2, I mean how vast of a vocabulary can you have— but she’s already mastered the art of talking back.”

Steve rolls the clip and it shows this adorable little 2-year-old basically telling her mother off. She’s yelling and babbling and not making any sense at all but you can tell she’s passionate about what she’s trying to convey as she wags her finger and her neck at her mom.

It’s absolutely hilarious and beyond adorable!

“Heaven, can you please just let me talk,” her mother calmly says.

But Heaven is not having it. She goes right back on ranting and raving and trying to prove her point and gets all up in her mom’s face.

“You don’t and Ima done,” Heaven says.

“You’re done?” her mom asks.

I can’t with this little thing, my stomach hurts so hard from laughing. She is just too funny!

“Let me tell you something, this little girl has her momma talking to her daddy, her daddy ain’t got a word in edgewise,” Harvey says.

You have to see this for yourself in the video below.

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