2-year-old is youngest to win ‘Got Talent’ TV show with unbelievable drumming skills

Since 2007 when “Britain’s Got Talent” aired for the first time in the U.K. the world has been amazed at the talents the seemingly ordinary public possess.

The show was so successful in the U.K. that other countries decided to air their own version and today it’s in over 60 other countries leading to it being crowned as the world’s most successful reality TV show format, according to Guinness World Records.

Youngest winner of reality TV show

The standard seems to get better every year and those taking part seem to get younger. But one little boy is thought to be the youngest winner of this reality TV show at an astonishing 2 years old.

Hugo Molina’s unbelievable drumming talent led him to win “Spain’s Got Talent” in 2019 but seeing or hearing is believing when it comes to this tot’s amazing talent.


As he arrived on stage being carried by his dad, the crowd had been warned not to cheer or clap for fear of frightening the little one and putting him off playing; nobody knew what to expect.

His dad introduces his boy and then sets him in front of a snare drum. As the crowd waits with baited breath in a studio so quiet you could hear a pin drop, his dad asks: “How do we play the drums Hugo?”

The music from Semanta Santa (Holy Week), a traditional Easter week fiesta parade march starts playing and Hugo joins in by striking the drum perfectly to the beat.


With dad kneeling by his side and the studio still silent all the judges can do is look at each other in disbelief, with eyes wide open.

Anybody who watches his performance in the clip below would not be surprised he went onto win the show, he’s a truly remarkable drummer for 2 years old!

He even caught the eye of Pope Francis who wanted to meet him personally, which left his parents crying with joy however Hugo is still too young to understand the enormity of what he’s achieved.

Watch Hugo play in the clip below which has already been viewed by more than 20 million people.

This remarkably talented little boy has no idea how good he is. I can’t believe his skills for such a young boy.

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