20 Lying Cheaters Brutally/Brilliantly Exposed on Facebook – Viral Thread

A brief browse online is enough to unearth the question: Is anyone monogamous any more? We may not be having serial affairs in the John Terry/Tiger Woods mode. Or as publicly – and ineptly – as Ashley Cole. But it seems that the online world is at it like rabbits behind their partners’ back. Such behaviour is of course deplorable.

And if you’re the heartbroken party in a cheating affair, we believe you’re well within your rights to name and shame your love rat former lover. The internet provides the ideal platform for such exposure. As these 20 lying cheaters will testify.

1. Safe to say that Sarah has just got owned.

2. Red handed.

3. Most people don’t need telling that cheating is wrong…

4. Cold as ice, love it.

5. Hit him where it hurts – the Xbox.