A 97-Year-Old Hero Who Fought At Dunkirk Goes To See The Movie, Walks Out Of Theater With This Tearful Message For All


When 97-year-old war veteran Ken Sturdy attended the premiere of Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” it was as if he stepped inside of a time capsule. So captivated by the film’s depiction and stunningly accurate cinematography, Sturdy found himself back in 1940 on that very same French beach where the battle took place. “It didn’t have a lot of dialogue. It didn’t need any of the dialogue because it told the story visually and it was so real,” the emotional war veteran told Canada’s Global News.

Sturdy, who was 20 at the time of the Battle of Dunkirk, recalled his beloved comrades who he has outlived. As the memories he’s suppressed for decades all came flooding back, he recognized the takeaway still remains the same and that it serves as a warning to future generations. He explained that he watched the film with “a certain kind of sadness because what happened back then in 1940, it’s not the end,” he said, recalling speaking with veterans who have served in Afghanistan, etc. Watch his heartbreaking reactionton to the film…