24 People Who Definitely Should’ve Checked the Background of Their Pictures before Posting Them

We’ve all had the awkward experience of posting a picture on social media that turns out to be a bit embarrassing, particularly when we don’t initially notice the fact that there’s something to be embarrassed about. I can remember scrolling through my newsfeed on a number of occasions, only to pause and stare with my mouth hanging open at the foolishness of a friend who has uploaded something incredibly cringeworthy. Maybe it’s a picture of themselves with their fly open, or their kid’s soiled diaper, or a snap of them at the club where two amorous strangers are busy necking behind them.

There are all kinds of examples of this kind of photography – the kind that suggests that the person taking the snaps wasn’t paying too much attention to the subject matter, and missed out on something pretty damning in the background. We’ve collated some of the funniest examples for your perusal: scroll down if you think you can handle the cringe.

1. Must be mating season

2. A tough guy in front of his granny

3. Dad, please put some pants on

3. That girl’s shoe is in an awkward place

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