The 24-year-old held her dead baby in her arms. This is what she had to say to his killer on Facebook.

Kristian Guerrero and her husband Fabian, both 24, were joyously awaiting the arrival of their first child. The young couple from Texas had just had an ultrasound which revealed they were expecting a boy who would be born in the new year. But on August 2, the two were driving home after lunch in San Antonio when something devastating happened. It was the last day of Fabian’s life.

A drunk driver, 21 years old, collided with their car head on. Fabian died instantly. Also seriously injured, Kristian was rushed to the hospital where the ultrasound showed her baby still had a heartbeat, although it was very faint. But a few hours later, he sadly died. Doctors had to induce birth to deliver the baby.

Posted by Fabian Guerrero on Sunday, June 12, 2016

“When I first held him, I felt an overwhelming peace,” the young widow recalled in a voice choked up with emotion. “But when I held him and saw his tiny face, I felt as if Fabian, his father, was with me. I cried out to him to take care of our son. It was a very emotional moment for everyone in the room. He had all of his father’s features so I felt as if I got my final chance to see my husband again. He was the most precious thing I ever laid eyes on.”

It’s difficult to imagine what kind of pain and loss the young woman experienced in these moments. But Kristian didn’t want her small family to have died in vain. So she wrote this urgent message under a photo that had been taken of her in the hospital:

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