25 Award-Winning Gifts For Actors That'll Really Help Them Break A Leg

<p>All the world’s a stage and these gifts for actors are the stars of it! Your favorite actor or actress will be on their way to success (or at least able to drown their sorrows) after tearing the paper off of these treats. If cinema is their style, a gift for <a href="https://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/gifts-for-movie-lovers" target="_blank">movie lovers</a> like a scratch-off poster of the classics, both modern and traditional would be a real winner. If theatre is more their style, both oratory performance and musical theater gifts are healthily represented. And while there are cool ideas like Broadway tickets and Cameo messages from their favorite movie stars, this list contains some deep cuts. Think aspiring actress gifts like pastilles for sore throats, new headshot certificates, food subscriptions to keep them healthy when their budgets are shoestring, and devices that help them practice singing in a way that their neighbors won’t complain about. With gifts this awesome, they might just thank you in their Oscar speech!<br></p>

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