3 Teens Harass Young Boy At Park. Now Watch The Man On The Bench’s Quick Response

Matthew Bandeira was tired of hearing about kids being bullied, so he decided to conduct a social experiment of his own. He recruited a young boy with a backpack and soccer ball, along with three older boys to pretend that they are picking on the younger kid.

He set up the scenario at a park near a playground, along the sidewalk at the park, and in a grassy area. In each of the three situations, there was an adult nearby.

Matthew had a plan to see what would happen. How would the adults unwillingly involved in these situations initially react?

In his video, Matthew discloses that 28 percent of students ages 12 to 18 report being bullied. The video stated that 160,000 kids avoid attending school out of fear of being bullied.

The first person to be exposed to the bullying situation was a mom who was watching her kids burn off energy at the playground. One of the three older boys picked up the boy’s backpack from a park bench and tossed it elsewhere, then grabbed his soccer ball away from him.

This mom was not about to let the little boy be bullied in her presence. Her head snapped in the direction of the kids when she first caught wind of potential trouble.

Then she walked right up to the group and confronted the older boys for picking on the younger one. Would you have done the same?

This scenario was reenacted two more times with a woman sitting on a park bench looking at her phone and a man on a park bench reading something on his tablet. So how did they react to the social experiment?

Watch the video below to see how each scene unfolds!

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