31 Years After College Student Went Missing, Cold Case Takes Strange Turn No One Saw Coming

When Petra Pazsitka was a young woman, she had dreams that were bound to take her higher than most of her peers. She was intelligent, motivated, ambitious, and attractive. Because she wanted to make a dent in society, she decided to study computer science as her major. At the time in 1984, computers were not what they are today and she had a lot of room for growth in the industry. However, months before her graduation, the young lady disappeared. For 31-years, her family thought she was kidnapped or worse. But now the shocking truth has come out…

 More than three decades after her disappearance, German police received a routine 911 call about a home invasion. Never would they have guessed it would lead to a breakthrough in the Petra Pazsitka case.

Although back in the ‘80s, police issued a photo of the then 24-year-old student, they never found any leads to her whereabouts. She had been studying computers in Braunschweig, Germany and was last seen wearing a grey-blue jacket and beige trousers.

After years of hard work on her computer science thesis, Petra was about ready to present it. But before that day came, she had a routine dentist appointment on July 26, 1984. Everything checked out fine and she left the office around 3pm. And she was going to take a bus to visit her parents’ house, when she was never seen from again…

It didn’t take long for a missing person’s report to be issued and the police to call in a manhunt. For months no one had a lead and conspiracy theorists claimed Petra had been killed.

Some believed that Petra’s disappearance was related to a brutal woodland killing of a 14-year-old girl. As they investigated, police learned that Petra’s bus stop was close to where the teen was slain.

Eventually, cops catch a break in March 1985. They arrested 19-year-old Günter K. Gunter, who immediately confessed to killing the teen. Then, two years later, he claimed he killed Petra, too.

Police did not believe Gunter’s confession. Because they found nothing, police eventually declared Petra officially dead in 1989.

Then, in 2015, police were called to Mrs. Schneider’s house concerning a break in. Police arrived and asked the woman for her ID. That’s when things got strange.

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