37 Bloody Awesome True Crime Gifts That Are Totally To Die For

<p>If <a href="https://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/horror-movie-gifts" target="_blank">horror movies</a> can’t scare you maybe it’s time to chase a cold case and dip your toe into the world of true crime gifts and all things terrifyingly real. A true crime lover will be obsessed with the devilish ideas here, which will only pour kerosene on the flames of their obsession with serial killer trivia and true crime podcasts. There will be no unsolved case when it comes to figuring out a true crime fanatic’s birthday or Christmas gift, only answers that show them you’re really in tune with what they vibe with. Help them Hunt a Killer with murder mystery games or puzzle that challenge them to figure out unsolved mysteries. Treat them to a homemade dinner with a serial killer cookbook comprised of the Death Row dinner requests of infamous killers. Give a true crime fan a little LOL-worthy merch that pokes macabre fun at the names they’re obsessed with, like Ted Bundy and everyone’s favorite, Jeffrey Dahmer. This list of gifts for true crime lovers really does crack the case on what to get anyone obsessed with murder (and getting away with it).<br></p>

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