4 guys start performing an Irish dance, but when a 5th storms the stage, everything changes

Irish dancing has been a part of Irish culture for centuries. Historians believe it’s been widespread in Ireland since at least the 17th century, and the first written record of it dates back to a Christmas Eve in southern Ireland in 1413.

Last year at the Irish Dance Championship in Dublin, dancers came from 20 countries to show the judges what they could do.

They were all wonderful, but a team called the Fusion Fighters put on a show that few will ever forget.

Even if dance isn’t your passion, you can really appreciate the fast footwork and grace that these Irish dancers offer. And with such timing!

The Fusion Fighters took the stage by storm at the Irish Dance World Championships — their appearance resembles nothing I’ve seen before.

It starts with two dancers coming onstage. The music starts and they’re soon joined by two other dancers.

Their synchronized footwork is incredible as they slide smoothly over the floor. These dancers are undoubtedly some of the best in the world!

But you haven’t seen everything yet… Because these dancers kick the excitement level up a few notches as more and more dancers stream onstage!

These talented dancers really impress and inspire me. Please share this video so all your friends can also enjoy this world-class show!

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