5 Easy Stretches to Relieve Knee Pain and Build Strong Knees

Knee joints are the ones that have the highest risk for injuries even though they are the strongest ones in the body.

And if you suffer from constant knee issues, this article is the right for you, because here you can read about the most efficient ways to hinder knee injury and make your knees stronger.

We present you 5 simple stretches which only take 15 minutes of your time.

Exercises for Knee Pain Relief

  1. Wall Slide

Stand straight next to a wall and then lean your back towards the wall. Then slowly go downward until you bend your knees to 30 degrees. Stay in this position for several seconds and then lift your body up in the starting position.

It is important to balance your body using the hands and move very slowly. Keep the legs and feet in a parallel position. Do this 5-10 times.

  1. Hamstring Curls

This exercise requires a chair. Stand behind the chair and face back. Gradually lift your right leg backwards (not over 90 degrees), and support yourself by holding the chair.

Remain in this position for 3-5 seconds and gradually put your leg down. Do the exercise on more time and then do the same with the other leg. The knees need to be near each other while you do the exercise.

  1. Bend Leg Raises

This exercise also involves a chair. Sit on the chair and lift your right leg in the air in a straight position until it gets parallel with the ground.

You should keep this position for 1 minute and be careful not to lock the knee. Then pull back the leg halfway towards the ground and bend the knee, also keep this position for half a minute. Go back to the starting position and do this 4 times with the first leg and then do the same with the other leg.

  1. Straight-Leg Lifts

Lie down on the floor on your back, bend the left leg and stretch the right one. The right leg need to be lifter several inches from the ground, and tighten your muscles.

Remain in this position for 5 seconds and then gradually pull back the leg to the ground. Do the same with the other leg. It is important to keep the back straight while doing this exercise.

  1. Step-Ups

The starting position in this exercise is to stand with you feet together in front of the stairs of a 2 feet high sturdy bench. Then make a step up, putting the right foot on the stair or the bench.

Then stand up until the leg is totally straight, and it is important not to lock your knee. After that, maintain a steady pace and step down. Do this for 1 minute at the beginning and then augment the time slowly at a time.


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