75 Western Girl Names

Western girl names offer so much charm as they feel like they’ve been adopted from a beloved Western film of the days of gunslinging cowgirls and cowboys. These baby names are rugged, lyrical, and storied. Western girl names overflow with Americana appeal and embrace dated values. These appellations can come from any baby naming tradition but the majority of them are historically some of this country’s most beloved names.

You might be looking to the Wild West for baby name inspiration and, if that’s the case, you have come to the right place, partner. These folksy baby names for girls will make your baby feel like a cowgirl from her very first moments! Take a look at some of our finds to discover these dusty old treasures and make them shine once more!

Check Out These Western Girl Names! Yee-haw!

Western Girl Names That Start with A

75 western girl names
  • Abigail – A name that’s popular today than ever before, Abigail comes from Hebrew origin, meaning “my father is joyful”
  • Ada – An old favorite, from German origins, meaning “noble”
  • Avis – An old-fashioned name of Latin origin, meaning “bird”

Western Girl Names That Start with B

75 western girl names
  • Bess – A diminutive form of Elizabeth, a name from Hebrew, meaning “pledged to God”
  • Beth – Another diminutive form of Elizabeth that feels delightfully blunt
  • Betsy – Yet another diminutive of Elizabeth, the last time this appellation was popular was in the 1950s and 1960s

Western Girl Names That Start with C

75 western girl names
  • Clementine – A French name and form of the Latin name Clement, meaning “merciful”
  • Cora – A delightful vintage name from Greek, meaning “maiden”
  • Charlotte – A French name, meaning “free man” or “French man”

Western Girl Names That Start with D

75 western girl names
  • Dinah – A name that was last popular in the 1960s, Dinah comes from Hebrew and means “God will judge”
  • Daisy – An English flower name, meaning “day’s eye”
  • Della – A mildly popular option today, Della is a form of Adela and means “noble”

Western Girl Names That Start with E

75 western girl names
  • Ellie – A diminutive of Eleanor, meaning “bright” and “shining”
  • Edie – An English name, a form of Edith, meaning “rich in war”
  • Eudora – Last popular in the US in the 1920s, Eudora comes from Greek and means “gift”

Western Girl Names That Start with F

75 western girl names
  • Fern – An English habitational name meaning “from the ferns”
  • Flora – A Latinate name that’s on the rise today, meaning “flower”
  • Fannie – A wildly popular name in the US until the 1960s, Fannie is a diminutive form of Frances and means “free man”

Western Girl Names That Start with G

75 western girl names
  • Georgia A feminine form of George, a name from English that means “farmer”
  • Grace – A perennial favorite in the US, Grace is a virtue name that means “God’s grace”
  • Geraldine – A feminine form of the German appellation Gerald, meaning “one who rules with a spear”

Western Girl Names That Start with H

75 western girl names
  • Hattie – A vintage diminutive form of Harriet that’s come back in style, from German, meaning “ruler of the estate”
  • Hannah – A traditional name from Hebrew, meaning “grace”
  • HopeEmerging as a trendy name over the last twenty years, this virtue name is more popular than ever today

Western Girl Names That Start with I

75 western girl names
  • Ines – A Latinate form of Agnes, last popular in the 1930s, meaning “pure”
  • Isabel – A Spanish form of Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God”
  • Irma – A top 500 name in the US until the 1970s, from German, meaning “universal”

Western Girl Names That Start with J

75 western girl names
  • Jessamine – An English name of Persian origin, meaning “jasmine”
  • Josephine – A feminine form of Joseph, a name from Hebrew, meaning “Jehovah increases”
  • Joss – A diminutive form of Jocelyn from English, meaning “Geats tribe member”

Western Girl Names That Start with K

75 western girl names
  • Kate – Kathryn and many of its diminutive forms have historically been popular in the US, of Greek origin, meaning “pure”
  • Kinsley – A newly popular name that sounds vintage, from English, meaning “king’s meadow”
  • Kassidy – A name from Irish, meaning “curly hair”

Western Girl Names That Start with L

75 western girl names
  • Lenora – Once one of the most popular names for girls in the US, Lenora comes from English as a contracted form of Leonora, meaning “light”
  • Lorraine – A vintage old lady name that should make a comeback, Lorraine is a Habitational French name, meaning “from Lorraine province”
  • Lita – Virtually unused today, Lita is a shortened form of Carmelita, Lolita, or Rosalita, meaning “garden”

Western Girl Names That Start with M

75 western girl names
  • Maude – One of the most cherished names at the end of the 19th century, Maude comes from German as a form of Mathilda, meaning “mighty in battle”
  • Maybelle – Last popular in the 1930s, Maybelle is a form of Mabel or Amabel, meaning “lovable”
  • Minerva – A refreshingly earnest-sounding name, from Latin, meaning “intellect”

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