8 clever DIYs that you can make by recycling cardboard tubing

Chances are, you already handled a cardboard tube today. You used toilet paper or paper towels, maybe unrolled a sheet of foil to cover leftovers, or used a roll of duct tape to secure a shipping box.
Instead of tossing the tubes when the roll is done, collect them. You’d be amazed what you can create with these sturdy tubes of varying sizes. Projects range from kids’ crafts to easy to make organizers.
1. Cord containers
Hate messy cords and cables getting tangled and going everywhere? Eliminate the problem and keep cords neat and organized using cardboard tubes and cute Washi tape.
2. Cat toy 
Let’s face it, the expensive toys at your local pet shop have nothing on old-fashioned cardboard toys your cat will love. Recycle a tissue box and small tubes to create a play center your furry friend will love!
3. Pillar candles 
Perfect for your holiday table or any occasion, depending on the colors you go with, these cardboard pillar candles look really cool as a centerpiece. You’ll have to look close to see they’re made of cardboard; they look like the real thing!
4. Bracelets 
A fun craft for kids to enjoy, this is perfect for a birthday party. Let kids customize their own bracelets with an array of supplies like gemstones, stickers, and glitter.
5. Lanterns 
What? These awesome string lights are really made from toilet paper rolls? Who would have guessed? These look great outside or inside.
6. Jewelry storage 
Use cardboard to craft a beautiful organizer for bracelets and watches that perks up your dresser or vanity with a pop of color.
7. Faux gate 
You’ll do a double take when you realize this iron gate wall hanging is made entirely from cardboard tubes. This is a perfect craft if you’ve been collecting tubes for awhile, and the results are worth the effort.
8. Desk organizer 
Cardboard tubes come in many sizes, making them perfect for organization. Customize them with paint and use them to hold pens, pencils, scissors, and other office supplies with this easy DIY.