8 Natural Remedies to Help You Eliminate Uric Acid Crystals in Joints

Here are times when we were walking or climbing up the stairs, we suddenly feel pain in our joints kike we can’t bend it or straighten it because it will only hurt more. Mostly, old people are the ones who feel this kind of pain, which is only natural because our bones get weaker when we age. However these days, this pain isn’t only exclusive to the elderlies anymore, it can now be felt by different people of different ages. But why is that? Is this some kind of a pandemic affecting people worldwide? Well, sort off. But it’s not like any other sickness that we get because of our weak immune system or the likes, people experience this ailment because of the food they eat.

This condition that we will be discussing in this article is called “gout”. This is somewhat similar to arthritis, the only difference is that the former is caused by purines while latter often happens because of aging. Gout can bring the same sensation as to that of arthritis, you’ll feel pain in your joints and it will be difficult for you to walk or move the part of your body that is affected. As I said, it is caused by the purines which can break down into uric acid crystals. These crystal-like substances got stuck between two connecting bones or in the joint, and that causes the feeling of pain.

Purine is a substance that we all have in out body. We also need it in some of our body functions so it’s not entirely bad for us. However, too much purine can be bad news because that means more uric acid that can crystalized when broken down. Hence, it is only natural that we make sure to regulate it, but most people don’t know how. In fact, without even knowing it, most people tend to increase the purine in their body. How is that? Because as I already mentioned, purines can be increased because of the food we eat. Now, what are the foods that can make this happen?

First on our list is caffeine and alcohol. Aside from being bad for our health in the first place, this kind of drinks can boost the production of purine in our body. So instead of such beverages, try consuming juice made up of citrus fruits like orange, kiwi, and grapefruit if you are thirsty. Or better yet, just drink plenty of water. Doing so will surely rehydrate you, but do you know that it can flush out the purines?  If you have lots of fluid, or in this case water, inside your body, the crystalized purines won’t have to be stuck or stored anywhere because it can be thrown out of the body through the process of urination.

Next, we have processed food. This kind of food, including preserved ones, requires a huge amount of sodium or salt for them to last longer and not to get spoiled. However, food isn’t the only one that it can make last long, but as well as your purines. Sodium has a considerable amount of purines and also heightens our body’s own production of it. Additionally, salt is also harmful to the kidneys as it can also crystalize into kidney stones that can block the urinary tract. If there’s a problem in urination, then you also have a problem in flushing out those purines.

Luckily, there are a variety of ways on how to remove those purines in our body aside from drinking a lot of water. There are still other natural remedies that you could try, and that’s what we will be discussing in this part of the article. Like for example, try eating a more healthy and balanced diet. Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day like watermelons and cucumbers. They can be a great alternative to water as they also contain a juice that doesn’t have anything that may boost the production of purine. To name another and, try squeezing the juice of a fresh tomato, it will surely cure your gout. Moreover, we also have some recipes that could help you to cure the pain you feel in your joints.

For this first recipe, you’ll need to prepare water, onion, cabbage, and parsley. Combine these by boiling a pot of water, including half an onion, 50 grams of cabbage, and 3 strings of parsley. Wait for the mixture to get ready in 15 minutes, then cool it down first before straining. To make it tastier, you can add it to a glass of lemon juice and consume it every time before you have your lunch. In this next recipe, just combine 3 tablespoons of rosemary oil with the same amount of soybean oil, and voila! It’s not ready to be put on the affected area.

If you love fruits then this is the recipe for you. Prepare a slice of pineapple juice, 4 carrots, one mango, and 30 grams of strawberry. Just mix them all together to create a smoothie-like juice and drink it every morning on an empty stomach. You can also consume this at night if you feel like your gout is worsening. There’s also a recipe which contains cranberries. 30 grams of cranberries, and 1 little of water is all you’ll need. Just boil the water and put the berries into it. After 5 minutes, strain the mixture and drink it thrice a dah to remove the pain you feel in your joints.

Aside from all of these, you can also try this kind of recipe to cure your gout. Just prepare 2 stalks of celery, a slice of lemon, one cucumber and a teaspoon of the grated ginger root. If you’ve already prepared these, cut the celery and cucumber into small pieces then mix them using a blender. Add the other ingredients when the first two are already mixed well. Just keep on blending it until it turns into a smoothie-like juice. Every morning when you wake up, consume this before eating or drinking anything. It’s better to drink it consistently for better results.

Remember that gout happens because of the food we eat. Hence, aside from all these recipes, we should also be careful on what we consume. Because in the end, you won’t need these recipes if your eating a healthy and balanced diet.

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