8-year-old boy opens his eyes after being shot in the heart in drive-by shooting

Eight-year-old Elijah Belmares was helping his stepdad to unload groceries in the driveway of his home when he was gunned down in a vicious drive-by shooting.

After nine surgeries the little fighter has shocked the medical team treating him by waking up. Now his family have shared a video of him and revealed the horrific description Elijah gave of the callous attack.

Police said a car had pulled up into the driveway of their home in San Antonio, Texas, and started shooting at Elijah and his stepdad.

“Straight through the heart, the right ventricle, right through the diaphragm, right through the stomach, the kidney, the liver and the pancreas. Six major organs, and the others were lacerated,” Elijah’s grandmother and guardian Maria Garza said, describing Eli’s shocking injuries.


Despite having difficulty breathing due to one of his lungs being filled with fluid Maria says she can see her precious boy’s personality coming back.

“He’s flirting with the nurses and you know, that’s just Eli. He’s something else,” she said, according to KSAT.com News.

“Who gets shot through the heart and can be here and say, ‘I’m hungry! And I don’t want to go to school!’ Who does that? Eli. He’s here for a reason. He’s here for something. Maybe it’s to stop all this violence,” Maria added.

A video of Elijah opening his eyes and waving at the camera has been shared by his family.


“I asked him (Elijah) if he knew why he was here, and he said that he had gotten shot. I asked where, and he said in the back, that it burned and he ran away. Then he woke up here,” his grandmother Maria said.

According to KSAT News, SAPD Chief William McManus said investigators have gathered information, know the suspects they are looking for and even believe they know the motivation.


“Just give yourselves up because we are on your trail,” Chief McManus said the day of the shooting.”

The medical team working hard to treat Elijah said he is expected to spend the next two months in hospital.

A fundraiser has been set up to help his family with Elijah’s mounting medical expenses.


Don’t let these cowardly criminals defeat you Elijah! You’re stronger than they are.

Please share to send all your love and support to Elijah and his family.

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