88-year-old breaks hip while mowing lawn, EMTs return to his home and finish the job

Harold Storelee, 88, has lived at his Rochester, Washington home by himself ever since his wife died five years ago. Despite his age, he gets along quite well on his own. Except recently when he suffered a fall and needed help.

After EMTs brought him to the hospital, they decided to return to the 88-year-old’s home and lend a hand.

“There was no hesitation from anybody.”

Storeless was mowing his lawn one morning when he fell. He fell in such a place that put him out of view from anyone passing by and it wasn’t until four hours later that three middle school students heard him cry out for help.

The boys flagged down a car and they called 911.

Three EMTs from Thurston Regional Fire Authority responded and brought Storelee to the hospital where he learned he had a broken hip.

As the EMTs caught a break in their day, Alexander Trautman asked his coworkers if they’d be willing to go back to Storelee’s home and finish mowing his lawn. Not only were they behind the idea, but so were their captain and lieutenant.

The trio of EMTs returned to the 88-year-old’s house where they spent an hour mowing his lawn, which his grandson said is his “pride and joy.”


“We’ve done similar things before. We look at it like a family community. I’ve seen people with broken porches and replaced a couple of boards,” Trautman told The Washington Post. “If we see someone in need, we can go help and buy them groceries, and the department will refund us our money.”

Thank you to the EMTs and thank you to the three boys who stopped and helped Harold.

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