Having a stroke is not only a common condition in the older generation, but it can happen even to younger people. Therefore, anyone can be affected by it, and because of that we need to do everything which is in our power to prevent from happening.

Furthermore, recognizing the early symptoms of stroke is an important thing because that will save your life.

9 Early Signs of Stroke

Carefully read the following signs, and if you are experiencing some of them by all means do not ignore them.

  1. Facial paralysis

Facial paralysis is one of the most common signs of stroke, so if you are experiencing one make sure to visit a doctor. Commonly the paralysis appears on one side of the face, which is a clear indication of having a stroke.

  1. Vertigo or Sudden Headache

Experiencing vertigo is common for women under the age of 45. You should consult your doctor and give him a concise explanation of what exactly you are feeling.

  1. Difficulties while speaking and understanding speech

These signs are usually ignored by the people, but being not able to speak, and feeling delirious are an early signs of stroke.

  1. 4. Pain in one side of the face

In most cases strokes do not cause pain, but some patients had experienced severe stabbing pain in upper limbs or on one side of the face.

  1. Tremor or Difficulties in Breathing

If this happens to you, then instantly seek for medical attention. Not being able to catch a breath means that insufficient oxygen flow causes heart arrhythmia as a result of which you cannot breathe.

  1. Loss of vision or Blurry Vision

According to researchers who investigated stroke sufferers revealed that 44% of them reported lost the vision in one or both their eyes before the stroke.

  1. Headache or Migraine

Many studies have confirmed that headaches are common issue in stroke sufferers, particularly when ladies are concerned. According to a recent study where 588 participants were involved who experienced a stroke migraine was the condition that all of them suffered from.

  1. 8. Loss of balance or Difficulties in Walking

If you are feeling weak and sluggish, then for sure these are not good signs. Most sufferers from stroke experience paralysis and collapse. If this happens to you open your arms, and hold your hands faced upwards, and stay in this position for 10 seconds. If your arms drop, then it means that your muscles are too weak to handle the pressure. In this case immediately call 911.

  1. Fatigue

Most commonly ladies feel confused, exhausted, and disoriented before having a stroke.

Have in mind always the fact that you need to take good care of your health, which can be achieved by eating healthy foods, being physically active, sleep well, keep a healthy weight index, and avoid the use of alcohol and cigarettes.

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