9 stylish mistakes that make you look older

To avoid looking “old fashioned” and not adding up a couple of years plus unnecessary, stop making the following mistakes:

1. Do not heed the proportions

Never carry more than one broad piece that hides the body line unless you want to look like a sack.

2. Choose the accessories in the same color with the clothes

Shoes, handbag and belt must not be the same color as you are convinced otherwise. You will look very luxurious if you choose accessories in pastel shades.

3. Forget about the power of your belt

Even the widest pieces of clothing can be sexy if you tighten them around the waist and emphasize the thin half.

4. You wear the same pieces of clothing for years

Even if it’s about universal pieces like jeans and sweaters, you still need to avoid the models you bought 10 years ago.

5. Buy youthful clothes

Do not wear the same things as when you were 16 or 20 years old. Though you think your teenage appearance takes up several years of real age, the opposite happens.

6. You do not change the glasses for years

Like everything else, even glasses have a fashionable lifetime.

7.Apply nails in pink shades

Light violets, roses and shades of peach are an inadequate choice that only makes your hands older. Instead, choose a bow or gel a few shades brighter than the skin.

8.You use a full face bronzer

The bronzer should emphasize the nose, forehead and apples – and nothing more.

9. Prefer dark lipsticks

It is not disputed that the dark lips are alluring, but they add unconsciously to you for several years. Instead, choose natural shades near the true color of your lips.