9-year-old boy asks for sewing machine – the reason will break your heart

It might be a popular pass-time for many people around the world, but a young boy taking a keen interest in sewing is rather rare.

You could be forgiven for wondering why a nine-year-old might ask his parents to get him a sewing machine. But, it turns out, in the instance of Campbell ‘Bumble’ Remess there’s a rather brilliant reason.

When I heard about little Campbell’s story, a smile found its way to my face. I’m almost certain the same will happen with you.

According to mother Sonya Whittaker, she literally has to pull her son Campbell away from his sewing machine.

When was just nine-years-old he begged his parents for money to buy gifts for children in a local hospital. Unfortunately, the ten-strong family couldn’t afford to spare much at the time, and so Campbell – also known as ‘Bumble’ – decided upon an ingenius method of lending his help.

Apparently, Campbell taught himself how to use a sewing machine, and began to make sewn gifts for all the sick children in the hospital. Exactly where his compulsion from kindness comes from, we’re not sure. All we know is that it’s an incredibly selfless thing for a 12-year-old to be doing in his spare time.

But the impressive nature of Campbell’s efforts doesn’t stop there. When his dad was diagnosed with cancer, he hand-knitted a teddy bear for him to help inspire him in his fight. To date, he’s patched together more than 800 bears. We know, he’s a real hero.

Each of his creations are donated with love and care, and obviously go a long way to helping restore a smile to the faces of those most in need of one.

It goes without saying that Campbell is an incredible young man who’s certainly brought a smile to our faces.

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