A 20 years old Mom passed away while sleeping next to her baby girl. Doctors were surprised when they figured out what happened.

Having a baby is a significant moment in life. Many young parents are excited to watch their kids grow and achieve different milestones.

This sad story of a young mom was sadly cut short. Continue reading to find out more about what happened.

A young Mom from Hull, UK, had already bought a Christmas gift for her baby girl. Caitlin Faulder, who is 20 years old, welcomed her daughter Poppy five months ago.

The newspaper says the young mom from Hull, UK, already got Christmas gifts for her baby.

Faulder and her daughter lived at her parents’ house. She was supposed to celebrate her baby’s first Christmas in December, but sadly, she was discovered dead in her bed on November 19.

Caitlin’s sister, Charlotte Faulder, expresses deep sadness over the family’s loss. She believes Caitlin shouldn’t have passed away this early. When Caitlin was pregnant, she had an EKG that revealed some heart abnormalities, but she was told it wasn’t a cause for concern.

Her sister shared that Caitlin was supposed to have a heart test when Poppy was six weeks old, but they didn’t contact her. When she finally visited the doctor, they said everything was normal, including her blood pressure. On Saturday night, Caitlin was doing well. She danced around and enjoyed a great time with her daughter, as recalled by her sister Charlotte.

The young mom was looking forward to the holidays, planning to decorate the Christmas tree and more. Sadly, her dad discovered her lifeless in bed. Hearing baby Poppy cry, he wondered why Caitlin hadn’t comforted her. Thinking she might still be asleep, he went to check in her room.

He entered and told her, “Caitlin, Poppy is crying, wake up,” but it seemed like she didn’t move or wake up. When he took a closer look, he sadly realized his dear daughter had passed away.

He quickly called for help, and emergency services tried CPR, but sadly, it was too late.

The family is really sad about this loss. It’s crucial to regularly check our health and take the initiative to find out if something might be wrong. Share this with others to spread awareness!

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