A 5 years Old little girl, is bitten by a neighbor’s labrador.

Pit bulls are known to be aggressive and dangerous, if you treat them badly, which can be true. The majority of dog breeds are the same way; it all depends on how well the owner grooms their pet to make it feel safe.

Every aspect of a dog’s development is influenced by its owner.

Although pit bulls may not be everyone’s cup of tea, this pit bull is without a doubt a true hero.

Remayah Hernandez, five years old, was riding her bike with her sister when she suddenly hit Tank, a Labrador retriever who lived next door.

The little girl is being an admirer of a little dog, the young lady didn’t consider winning her consideration. She simply desired to pet it. Instead, the day came to an end in tears and blood.

The girl was attacked by the dog right away, and the dog bit her in the face.

Remayah Clearly terrified, she screamed for help. Not only did her mother react to her screams, but so did their family dog, Run the pit bull. She suddenly appeared to defy everything she had been taught as a puppy while she was in the family’s backyard.

As a result, the family had to leave their backyard and cross a fence to attack another dog. When Trigger heard Tank’s scream for help, he attacked Tank and ran to his 5 years old owner’s rescue.

Due to the pit bull’s scathing reputation, attacks on other dogs typically elicit strong feelings.

However, Trigger acted perfectly in this instance.

Animal control had to put Tank down after they took him to the police station. An ambulance transported the young girl to the hospital, where she received treatment for her injuries.

After their young daughter was attacked by a neighbor’s dog, the family had to use the money they had saved up for a trip to Disney World for plastic surgery.

After that, a campaign was launched online through which individuals could send money to the family. The objective was to guarantee Remayah’s continued admission to Disney World, which she did! In the end, $1,000 was raised in order to grant this young girl her wish.

The little girl was obviously terrified after the attack, but she was most grateful for what her hero had done for her. Or then again as she gets to be called now – “superhero”. When she needed him, Trigger was truly there for her.

It is still unknown how the labrador managed to escape onto the street and freely roam the neighborhood that day while the neighbor was at work. The neighbor was shocked when he heard what had happened and thought right away that there had to be a missing piece.

She was glad to learn that the neighbor’s young girl was okay despite the circumstances, though she truly believed that her dog was innocent.

Remaya’s quick recovery from this terrible incident was greatly appreciated by all.

If you think pet owners should keep an eye on their dogs, please let us know!