A 70-year-old widow placed an advertisement in the newspaper, looking for a new husband, and it gained a lot of attention on the internet.

When you’ve been by yourself for some time, it can feel uneasy and scary to start trying to find someone to be in a romantic relationship with again.

The most vital thing to understand is that you should never judge people without listening to their side of the story first.

So, I want to share a funny article I read recently. It’s about a 70-year-old widow who put an ad in the newspaper to find a new husband.

One day, she was at home, and the doorbell rang. But she had no idea who was at the door.

Read the whole funny joke below and keep reading until the end for the funny part.

In a newspaper ad, she wrote:

“Looking for a husband! Should be around my age, not be abusive, not cheat on me, and still be good in bed. Please come apply in person.”

The next day, the doorbell rang, and she opened it. She was surprised to see an old man in a wheelchair with no arms or legs.

The widow asked, “You don’t seriously want me to think about you, do you? I can’t believe it, you don’t have any legs!”

With a smile, the old man replied, “Well, that means I can’t cheat on you!”

Saying, “You don’t have any arms either!” she chuckled.

The old man smiled again and said, “That’s why I can never harm you!”

She raised an eyebrow and asked, “Are you still good in bed?”

The old man leaned back and said, “Well, I did ring the doorbell, didn’t I?” with a big smile.

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