A 9 years old child receives a Divine message instructing her to investigate the trees, prompting her to approach and discover an abandoned infant.

An infant boy, who had just been born with the placenta and umbilical cord still attached, was left abandoned in the backyard of a residence. The vulnerable newborn was subjected to the scorching sun and faced the risk of perishing, had it not been for the fortuitous discovery by a 9 years old girl, who acted as an angel in saving him.

While playing in her Indiana backyard, 9 years old Elysa heard peculiar sounds and suspected that one of the pigs had possibly gotten loose. Curiosity compelled her to investigate, and as she cautiously explored the area, she caught sight of minuscule pink limbs. Filled with terror,

Elysa let out a scream and hurriedly ran back to the house to inform her mother about the perplexing creature she had encountered. Expressing her unease, she shared with CBS 2’s Brad Edwards, “It completely startled me. I had no idea what it could be.”

Heidi Laub, the mother, investigated the situation and it was at that moment she became aware of the presence of an infant near a bush.

Elysia reminisced, saying, At that moment, she exclaimed, “‘Oh my God, it’s a baby,’ and I was completely astonished, saying, ‘What?!”‘

Observing the lively movement of tiny pink legs, Elysia shared, “I instantly recognized that it was alive, and I knew we had a critical situation. I had no doubt in my mind. I knew we needed to seek assistance.”

Fortunately, the infant was promptly taken to St. Anthony’s Hospital, where medical professionals confirmed the child’s well-being. They determined that the baby was only a day old.

According to the Lake County Sheriff’s office, Elysia is regarded as the baby’s guardian angel.

Elysia emphasized, “I didn’t accomplish this on my own. Someone assisted me – God. He guided me to that spot.”

She further explained, “If I hadn’t been present and if God hadn’t directed my thoughts – if my mind hadn’t urged me to approach that area, we would have discovered a lifeless infant in the yard later today. The outcome would have been much more tragic and entirely different.”

Thanks to Elysia’s actions, the baby was granted a second chance at life.

To learn more about this heartwarming story, please watch the video below.

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