A chilling update regarding the NBA superstar has been released by Brittney Griner’s attorneys.

According to new information from Brittney Griner’s lawyers, the WNBA star’s current location is unknown. At the Buzzer and Mamas Uncut previously reported that Griner was found to have less than a gram of hashish oil in his luggage and was given a sentence of nine years in a Russian prison.

Her lawyers have now revealed that Griner was sent to prison, but no one knows where exactly, after her appeal was denied. According to BuzzFeed, the statement released by Griner’s attorneys, Maria Blagovolina and Alexander Boykov, stated, “We have no information about her exact current location or final destination.”


Her lawyers say that Griner is expected to arrive at the facility, which is described as a prison where inmates are housed in barracks and forced to serve, although it is unclear when anyone will be informed of Griner’s whereabouts. workforce According to Axios, there have been “reports of sexual violence, unsanitary conditions, and even torture of prisoners in penal colonies” in recent years. The vast majority of Russian prisons are penal or exile colonies, according to reports.

Lindsay Colas, Griner’s agent, stated in a statement, “BG’s health and well-being remains our primary concern. “We ask for the public’s support in continuing to write letters and express our love and concern for her as we work through this extremely difficult time in which we do not know exactly where BG is or how she is doing.”

At the Glamor Women of the Year Awards on Tuesday night, Cherelle Griner spoke about her wife Brittney Griner’s arrest in a Russian prison outside of the United States.

Cherelle described the emotional toll of losing Griner, stating, “I’ve been riding the waves of sadness and, frankly, complete disbelief for the last eight months. “I can’t believe I’m here today without my favorite person, my greatest love, and my safe haven.


The WNBA player was detained by Russian authorities in February 2022 after marijuana cartridges were discovered in her luggage by airport security. She was imprisoned for several months, dreading her trial and not knowing what lay ahead.

However, in the summer, when she finally presented her case to a Russian court, she was found guilty of drug possession and given a nine-year prison term.

The US government has been putting in a lot of effort ever since the incident to bring the basketball legend back to the United States. The lawyer asked to appeal her charges after the verdict, but they were later denied. No one knows when the WNBA player will return home at this time.


Cherelle Griner urges people to write letters of support for Brittney.

Cherelle also released a touching message to her wife in the middle of the ceremony. I miss everything about you, dude. The law graduate began, “Especially your friendship. “Because your voice is the only one I want to hear, I force myself to pick up the phone and put it away.


“When you get home, I’ll probably rip your ears off. Honey, I know how heavy your heart is right now. I wished you were here to experience every ounce of love. She went on to say, “You haven’t been forgotten. “My lord, then keep your head up. It also works! I adore you and can’t wait to hold you one day! Relle, my love.”

Cherelle also said that Griner is extremely grateful for the support of fans all over the world. The basketball star’s letters to her fans are encouraging as she awaits her return to the United States. According to her husband, it has a significant impact on her mood.

“I can’t do much to ease his pain because she isn’t 100%. However, Griner’s wife stated, “I believe in my heart that even though I can’t bring her back, words can make a difference.”