A Collage of Life…Well decorated

Why are you sad, depressed and thinking about things that are not worth it? Everything is temporary in this world and everything changes as change is the only constant. Sounds like dialogues from some intellectual movies. Ok! Don’t cling to people, habits or things because you can not hold it forever. Keep an open heart and do not forget to keep a filter so that you allow only favorable things to enter and filter out the negative energies. You know what? Make a collage…of the best moments of your life. Capture the time when you laughed so much that tears rolled down from your eyes and you had an aching stomach. When you go back to that time, you may not laugh the same way again but the smile which would touch your lips would be the reason to feel good. Recall the moment when you saw your parents proud of you? The time when mom used to boast about your accomplishments sitting with relatives and neighbors And dad may not say much but the moment he discusses you with somebody else makes you his own accomplishment. Fit that expression of your parents in your collage.

Remember the time when you had your first ever crush? When you smiled all day like an idiot but you never expected anything in return. That kind of honest and pure addiction for somebody filled you with happiness. Do you recall your first ever kiss or if that was horrible, maybe be 2nd or the next. Do you remember the feeling? The fear, the skepticism and the willingness to experience one of the best feelings in the world. The last time you hugged your best friend; how did it feel? You’re first ever love! The feeling cannot be expressed but you can still feel it right? How the world seemed suddenly a beautiful place amongst traffic, pollution and stinking neighborhood and all you wanted to be enveloped in the arms of your love. The smell of your favorite food, your first love, the smell of rain on the earth, when you first got drunk, bunking class, when your crush showed interest, your proxy attendance…Recall them all. So, you understand now what kind of moments or feelings am I talking about. Just gather them all and make your “Collage of Life.”

What happened? C’mon, it’s not possible that you don’t recall these things and If you can not my dear, you have not lived it yet. Get some time from your hectic schedule and observe people around you. How many of them do you really want to impress? How many of them would matter to you after 5 years? How many of them have the capability to make you happy just by looking at you? Found them? Now, do not let them go because your collage will have their maximum contribution. Life is short my friend for memories, so, don’t create memories, rather live with them if they make you happy. Keep your collage close to your heart all the time and do not wait for an occasion once in a long time where people sit and recall the best parts of their lives. Live with it!

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