A cowboy quickly feels sorry after getting a shave.

Many men like having long beards these days because they think it makes them look more attractive.

Here’s a joke about an old cowboy who chose to clean up and shave off his beard.

In the end, he really liked how he looked, but there was something behind the scenes that bothered him.

Check out the story below, it should make you laugh.

An elderly cowboy goes to a barbershop in Dillon, Montana to get a shave and a haircut.

He tells the barber that he can’t remove all his beard because his cheeks are wrinkled due to his old age.

The barber takes a small wooden ball from a cup on the shelf and asks the old cowboy to hold it in his cheek to stretch the skin.

After the shave, the cowboy says it was the best shave in years but wonders what would have occurred if he accidentally swallowed that little ball.

The barber said, “Don’t worry, people usually return it after a few days.”

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