A dying child stood up and spoke four words before closing his eyes forever and leaving them filled with tears

When his parents received the heartbreaking news that broke their hearts into a million pieces, little Nolan was just two years old. Their son had the disease. When his life was just getting started, fate decreed that the park strolls and playing with friends would be replaced with lengthy hospital stays, chemotherapy treatments, and vomiting. A piece of his parents’ soul died with every test the physicians performed and each needle stick they gave him.

This family faced a difficult battle against the terrible illness. They knew it wouldn’t be simple, but none of them considered giving up.

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Nolan’s condition deteriorated after a year of fighting Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare soft tissue cancer. His mother understood that nothing was going to get better. Her lone combatant was exhausted after a while. He could handle it, and his delicate body had already endured too much. Only four weeks after Nolan underwent open chest surgery; the family was informed that cancer had spread and that tumors were pressing on his bronchial tubes once he stopped taking food and liquids.

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It seemed impossible for a mother to inform her kid that his time with her and the family was ending. The four-year-old youngster was too young to comprehend what was happening or why it was his sickness that was no longer curable.

She didn’t want to think she might lose her devoted kid because he was still far too young to experience death.

Me: Poot, doesn’t it ache to breathe? Nolan: Yeah, I guess. You’re in a lot of pain, baby, aren’t you? (Looking down) Yeah, Nolan Poot, this cancer stuff is terrible. No longer must you engage in combat. Nolan: (With Pure Joy) I DONT? But I’ll do anything for you, Mom! Me: Poot, no! Has that been your practice lately? Conflicting for Mommy? Well, duh! Nolan, I asked Nolan Ray, “What does mommy do?” To keep me SAFE, Nolan (With a broad smile) I: “Honey” I’m no longer able to do it here. I can only keep you secure in Heaven. (My heart breaks) Nolan: I’ll play in Heaven until you arrive, okay? You’ll arrive, yes? Me: Definitely! Mommy is impossible to get rid of so quickly! Nolan: I’m grateful, mom! I’m going to play with Henry, Brylee, and Hunter!!

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Nolan’s journey and struggle with cancer were chronicled on the Facebook page his parents, Jonathan and Ruth, set up to keep everyone up to date on his development. And today, two months after Nolan entered Heaven, his mother paid tribute to him and revealed her most private thoughts to everyone.

Two weeks. It has been two months since I last hugged you, heard you tell me how much you loved me, and kissed your tender “pie” lips. Since then, we haven’t cuddled. Two months that were the absolute worst.”

From his birth, Nolan showed he was a true fighter. He knew his time on Earth was limited, and it broke his heart to witness this little angel making arrangements for his funeral and writing a will.

He wrote down what he was leaving for each of us as we lay in bed together, sketched out his funeral arrangements, selected the pallbearers, and decided what he wanted everyone to wear. Of course, he even wrote down what he wanted to be remembered as a police officer.”

Ruth reflects on her son’s dying moments. The courageous child gave his mother a blessing she’ll never forget.

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However, on that particular day, she left his side to use the restroom. Even though Nolan’s uncle was there by his side, he continued to glance toward the bathroom door and wanted to watch his mother.

Nolan closed his eyes after she shut the door. His right lung collapsed, the oxygen level plummeted, and he fell into a deep sleep. A medical staff surrounded the youngster.

He is pretty asleep, Ruth. He lacks all sensation.

When her kid handed her the most exquisite gift, Ruth ran to his side and wouldn’t let go. It indeed was a miracle.

“At 11:54 p.m., my angel took a breath, opened his eyes, smiled at me, murmured, ‘I Love You Mommy,’ turned to face me, and passed away. I was singing “You Are My Sunshine” in Sgt. Rollin Nolan Scully’s ear when he passed away. He made a happy face when he emerged from his coma and told me he loved me. My son died bravely. He was a fighter who passed away peacefully and lovingly.”

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Nolan will always be remembered as the most courageous youngster who died while expressing his love for everyone around him. He was an exceptional child who went through a lot in his little life. He did, however, accomplish a lot. Our hero, he is.

“I’m now the one afraid to take a shower. With nothing left but an empty shower rug, a lovely, faultless young kid once slept while waiting for his mother.

We are deeply sorry for Nolan’s parents’ passing. Peace be with you, little man; we shall never forget you.

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