A lady couldn’t get on her flight because of her ‘too revealing’ outfit. When she explained why, it got even weirder.

People are sometimes removed from planes for not following airline rules. A young woman was upset when she couldn’t board, and she later explained why she was denied entry and how much it upset her.

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Kine-Chan is a Brazilian model and cosplayer famous online for her creative outfits. She works hard on her costumes. This time, she chose to dress up as Rebecca, a character from the anime series Cyberpunk.

The outfit needed her to wear a black bikini, blue wig, and black sandals. She chose to go to the airport and get on her flight in that outfit. Sadly, it didn’t go as she expected.

At Navegantes Airport in Brazil, the airline staff prevented her from getting on the flight, saying her clothing was “inappropriate.”

The 21-year-old shared her frustration on Instagram about what happened. In a long post in Portuguese, she explained the situation.

She wrote, “Had a really annoying experience this weekend. I tried to get on the plane at Navegantes airport in my Rebecca’s Cosplay for an event. I knew I might be running late, so I dressed up to save time and go straight to my destination. But they told me to go home and change because my outfit wasn’t ‘appropriate’.”

Many of her followers shared their opinions on what happened. Some agreed with the airline staff, while others were supportive of Kine-Chan. One person said, “Kine, I love you, but you could have worn something easy to pull up, like a loose dress or even a button-down blouse.”

This is an easy fix for anyone planning to wear a bikini for a costume and knows they won’t have time to change. Wearing a dress over a bikini is a common time-saving trick for many women.

However, not everyone agreed with this. Another user expressed disappointment, saying, “It’s truly disheartening to hear the airport stopped you, a talented artist, because of such an amazing cosplay like Rebecca’s. Freedom of speech and creativity should always be supported and respected.”

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