A man from Sweden showed his small apartment to answer questions about tiny living spaces.

What’s it like living in small apartments in Sweden? 🤔🧐 This guy amazed everyone by revealing the inside of his tiny apartment! 🤭😮

In 2020, a guy got divorced and decided to move to a city. He left his ex-wife and kids in a big suburban house. He bought a small studio-like house by taking a loan, with hopes of getting a larger one in the future.

He thought he could repay the loan in 3-5 years and get a bigger apartment. But, surprisingly, he found that his old one wasn’t so bad, and he didn’t really need a larger one after all.

He says his place has everything for life – a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, and a workspace. Nothing’s missing.

This is how he changed the small apartment! Take a look and tell us what you think in the comments!

There’s a TV, a cozy workspace, and even a small bar. What’s interesting is that each step can hold things inside for storage.

The dining spot is designed in an adorable way and has a nice atmosphere.

The owner has separate shelves where he keeps his shoes and clothes in an organized way.

There’s a microwave too! When people first saw it, they didn’t expect this apartment to be so stylish, but its interior surpassed everyone’s expectations.

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