A Man has a 14th son, but the name of the baby is in the news.

When a couple learns that they are expecting a child, they should start thinking about baby names. Parents’ names are sometimes chosen long ago. Sometimes they decide to pick a name after the baby is born. Unless the child decides to change their name, the name they choose is an important choice that will last a lifetime.

The family of Jay and Kateri Schwandt is rather unusual. It is unusually large. They have 14 childrens, all of whom are boys. The youngest is a newborn while the oldest is 25 years old.

The Schwandts never find out if they are having a boy or a girl until after the baby is born. They are surprised to learn that it is a different boy each time. It is extremely unlikely that there will be so many chicks in a row.

The family once more waited for the birth of another child to determine the sex, this time a boy, when Kateri became pregnant with number fourteen. The older brothers of the baby admit that they were “pretty torn” about whether they wanted a younger sibling.

Jay insists that their children’s births are just as special as the first time around. He described it as “just as exciting for the 14th time” in his explanation. He added “It felt like there was something special about every beat and every moment.”

After he was born, the Schwandts didn’t decide what to call their new baby. “We narrowed it down to just a couple,” Jay explained. He acknowledged, “We really had to be creative after 13 boys.”

They did “create,” too. The Schwandts were already well-known for their numerous sons; however, when they decided to name son number 14, the child’s unusual name began to make headlines.

Watch the video beneath to see what name Jay and Kateri chose to give their fourteenth child and what the surprising name implies.