A man living in poverty, made the choice to become wealthy.

A man informed his wife, “I’m exhausted from living in poverty; I intend to seek work abroad.”

The extravagant and opulent sight of his house as he neared it rendered him speechless. Consequently, he gathered his belongings and departed for Africa. He eventually returned after a few years.

He tapped on the door, and the attendant arrived to open it for him.

He inquired, “Is the lady of the house present?”

The servant promptly replied, “One moment, please.”

The wife entered, her appearance noticeably altered, and remarked, “Oh my, my dear… you’re dressed so elegantly. After all this time.”

Husband: “I have finally become wealthy, my love!”

Wife: “How did that happen?”

Husband: During my journey to Africa, I witnessed people walking barefoot and resting on the sand, which motivated me to create and sell undergarments and mattresses to address those issues. The demand for these products was exceptionally high, leading to my swift accumulation of wealth.

The wife responded: It seems peculiar that a person with your influence had to travel to Africa and manufacture beds and undergarments to attain wealth, while I, a petite woman, remained at home with only one bed and lacking a personal set of underwear. However, you might be surprised to know that I am now incredibly affluent.

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