A Man traveled to see his 90 years old Grandpa.

A gentleman traveled to see his grandfather, who was 90 years old, in an extremely remote countryside region of the state where he resided.

Following a night’s stay, the grandfather kindly cooked breakfast for him, serving a meal composed of eggs and bacon.

Observing a thin layer on his plate, he inquired of his grandfather.

“Are these plates properly cleaned?”

To which his grandfather responded,

“Those plates are as pristine as can be with cold water washing, so feel free to complete your meal.”

Later in the day, during lunch when he was relishing the hamburgers prepared by his grandfather, he noticed minuscule particles near the plate’s rim and a dried egg yolk-like substance. Consequently, he posed his query once more, asking,

“Do you have any doubts regarding the cleanliness of these plates?” the person asked.

Without diverting his gaze from his hamburger, the grandfather responded.

“As I’ve already mentioned, those dishes are as immaculate as water in its coldest state. Please refrain from further inquiries on the matter.”

In the afternoon, he planned to go out for dinner in a neighboring town.

While he was preparing to leave, the dog belonging to his grandfather began to growl and obstructed his path. In response, he uttered,

“Grandfather, your dog is preventing me from leaving,” he informed.

Without tearing his eyes away from the football game playing on the television, the grandfather exclaimed,

“Cold Water, go and settle down!”

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