A Man watching his wife’s final moments after taking off life support before she says, “Get me out of here.”

After taking off life support, His watching his wife’s final moments before she says, “Get me out of here.”

Most newlyweds believe they will have decades to build and develop their lives after marriage. However, as is common knowledge, life can be incredibly erratic and really throw you a curve ball that you didn’t expected!

Ryan Finley woke up on a Saturday in May 2007 and noticed that everything looked normal. He realized that he should also wake Jill Finley, his wife.

He recalled, “I went to wake Jill up, which is a miracle in and of itself because I never, ever do that on a Saturday morning.”

She did not answer when he called her name. He started to shake her out of surprise, but she didn’t respond. He started to feel anxious and scared after that. While performing CPR on his wife, Ryan immediately called 911.

After paramedics arrived they rush to transfer to the ambulance to take her to the hospital. In his truck, he followed the ambulance.

When they got to the hospital, the doctors looked at Jill’s condition and came to the conclusion that she was in cardiac arrest.

Ryan waited in the emergency room for periodic updates on his wife’s condition while Jill underwent the necessary medical procedures to stabilize her.

When the doctor finally showed up to give him an update on his wife. The doctor said to ryan “pray for Jill”. Ryan stated that he was aware of how crucial the situation was “I believe that’s as serious as it gets when the doctor tells you to start praying.”

Ryan was informed shortly thereafter by doctors that his wife was in a coma. He couldn’t believe that his 31-year-old wife, who was beautiful and lively, was fighting for her life.

A steady stream of visitors came to see Jill and Ryan throughout the two weeks she was in a coma. A Bible was also brought by one of Jill’s cousins. He stood there for at least an hour reading the Bible to Jill.

He instructed Ryan to read every section of the Bible if he so desired and left the Bible with him. Ryan hoped that his wife would wake up after that day by reading the Bible aloud to her.

Ryan went home to spend some time by himself after Jill was in a coma for 11 days. He debated whether Jill would follow the doctors’ advice that off of life. He should be taken off life support because doctors believed his condition would not improve.

He probably knew that meant Jill might pass away soon, but the next day he told the doctors to go kill his wife. She was denied life support on day one of her coma.

Jill began to move and grunt about five hours after the life support was turned off. Ryan entered the waiting area until his beloved wife passed away, unable to witness her final moments.

He recalls the following instances, The nurse appeared and stated “She’s talking, so I think you need to come in.”

He went in with the intention of having one final conversation with his wife. Jill was chatting when I walked in.”Get me out of here,” she said immediately ” i long to return home.”

Ryan was shocked, but he kept asking questions that he couldn’t answer until he was fully present because he wasn’t sure if it was just a clear murmur. She answered correctly when he asked her about their pets’ names and mental math questions. She even requested dinner at her favorite Mexican restaurant.

Later, Jill stated that she had no remember of the coma; rather, she had the impression that she had gone away for some time and then returned. Ryan was asked in an interview what he believed brought her back. He responded immediately by saying, “The intervention of God sincerely, I have that feeling.”

After Jill awoke, not everything was the same again. Some of her motor skills, like how to brush her teeth and tie her shoes, had to be learned from scratch.

The couple ensures that they will always be there for one another and views this as a second chance at life and their relationship. Regarding Jill, she claims that Ryan made the right decision when he dropped his alimony claim because she wouldn’t want to be a “vegetable” for the rest of her life.

Ryan maintains that he always ensures that he is still there despite the episode’s anxiety and fear. He states ” i still don’t sleep a night without getting up. I kick her most of the time, and if she kicks me back, I know we’re doing well.”

You wouldn’t believe how often life gives you a second chance! We are overjoyed to hear that Jill Finley and Ryan are doing well.

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