A masked teenager kidnaps a 67 years old man who pays the price.

Sixty seven year old man thought everything was over when a masked teenager tried to rob him while he was alone walking.

When Tyler Williams of West Philadelphia confronted this old man and demanded his money, he made a fatal mistake.

He carried a gun to give the victim the impression that his life was in danger; however, the gun was just a “toy,” and he was able to get it out.

However, the young man was unaware of the price he would have to pay.

Taking a step back from the shotgun, the victim pulled out his own handgun with a caliber of.38 and pointed it at his face.

The elderly man called the police after Tyler was shot in the head. The shotgun was thought to be real even by the police.

Despite the fact that the shooting was justified as self-defense and no charges were filed, the teen passed away on the spot.

Although pellet guns don’t kill people, close-range shots can do so.

At least four people die each year from pellet guns, and this number rises if you get hit in the head, so the old man was right.

What do you think? Did the old man get what he deserved?

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