A Mother And Daughter Humiliate An Overweight Woman Trying On A Wedding Gown, Then The The Store’s Owner Lay Down The Law

Malice and cruelty are a byword in this day and age. People feel free to express their despite in savage attacks on others – especially if their target is different, disadvantaged in some way and unlikely to respond in their own defense. Luckily, there are still champions out there – people with honor, courage and integrity to defend the helpless

In a bridal shop, a girl tries on a wedding dress. She is aglow with happiness. This is her dream, just like every other girl’s. A beautiful white dress for the special day, to make her feel like a princess. Then a watching mother and daughter notice her, and the following conversation ensued: “I don’t understand how someone like that can marry” said the daughter in a loud voice, and her mother replied “I thought whales did not mate.”

The girl, a pretty plus-sized, heard them. Tears come into her eyes, and she blushed in shame and humiliation. She started to move away from the store owner who was fitting her dress, but the woman stopped her with a gentle gesture. The store owner walked over to the mocking pair. “I don’t understand how you think you can get a dress from my store.”

The daughter answered with arrogant superiority: “Really? Then you’re wrong. In fact, we’re here to pick it up because it has already been paid.” Calmly the owner asked for their name, walked to the counter, wrote out a document and hand it to them.

Startled, the women asked her what this was all about, and the owner calmly replied: “By signing this paper you are accepting a full refund of your money. ” “You can look for another store to buy you wedding dress, because I just voided your order and I refuse to help you. Now, leave my store before I call the police” The daughter was outraged! In her fury she started to pull things apart and destroy the displays. Her wedding was only a week away, much too late to get another custom dress made!

The mother of the desperate woman intervened and said “We had ordered this dress with special details for her wedding. How can you void the order?” To which the owner replied “ I voided the order because I don’t want any bride to feel like they don’t deserve to marry because of their looks. Apparently both of you feel like you are better than others. And there is no place for idiots in my store. I am calling the police, and given the fact that I still have your credit card data, I will charge the damages caused by your daughter to it,”

The enraged women left the store, and the other customers were astounded at the owner’s compassionate and sympathetic attitude in defending the overweight bride. What the arrogant mother and daughter didn’t know was that the store owner’s own daughter has a thyroid imbalance, just like the overweight customer and struggles with her own weight. Beauty comes in all sizes, colors and shapes – and every bride deserves to feel like the most beautiful girl in the world on that special day!