A mother with over 800 tattoos shows the truth about each of them after being labeled an oddity.

Despite being mocked and ridiculed by those who refer to her as a ‘freak,’ a mother’s two beloved children continue to admire and respect her.

The woman lacks inherent physical abnormalities. Instead, she’s completely covered in tattoos resembling those commonly seen in prisons. Despite facing unemployment and enduring verbal assaults whenever she leaves her house, she persists in acquiring more tattoos due to her addiction.

Continue reading to discover additional details about this mother and how she serves as a positive example for her children!

At 46 years of age, Melissa Sloan, hailing from Wales, holds no remorse for her enduring 26 year companionship with a tattoo machine. She embarked on her tattoo journey at the age of 20 and, despite societal rejection, has come to terms with being ostracized. Although she recognizes that accumulating more tattoos makes life increasingly challenging, she remains steadfast in her decision not to cease.

“It’s akin to the allure of a cigarette or a drink, the addiction takes hold. I find myself unable to quit; it’s become addictive for me. I simply can’t put an end to it,” shared Sloan. She remarked that as tattoo studios turned her away, deeming her as “unreachable,” she obtained her own equipment. She further explained, “I keep the tattoo machine with me in my car’s trunk; I’ll ink myself in the vehicle or anywhere.”

While Sloan faces unemployment due to her body and face being adorned with somewhat haphazard ink, she persists in having her boyfriend administer three “prison-style” tattoos to her every week, adding to her collection of over 800 tattoos.

Years back, Sloan held a position as a restroom cleaner, yet presently, she encounters rejection when seeking comparable jobs.

“Securing employment is proving impossible. Employers won’t consider me. I attempted to obtain a toilet cleaning job in my area, but my tattoos became an obstacle… Individuals have claimed I’ve never held a job, though I did have one albeit briefly,” she shared. Continuing, she added, “However, should an opportunity arise tomorrow, I’d readily accept and work without hesitation.”

In addition to her struggle to secure employment, Sloan expressed that she faces alienation. Whenever she ventures outside, she becomes a target of verbal aggression and ridicule, with people pointing fingers and openly staring at her.

“Even worse, the greater my tattoo count, the more they label me a bizarre anomaly. They react by avoiding me, and I’m left wondering ‘why are you acting that way?’ It’s truly unpleasant,” she revealed. “I foresaw this outcome in life; I don’t conform to societal norms because I value being authentic, and I intend to remain true to myself.”

Furthermore, Sloan asserts that she’s been prohibited from entering nearby pubs and excluded from attending school functions, some of which her two young children, aged eight and 10, could participate in. Yet, even these restrictions don’t deter her.

“The children mention, ‘Mom, people are staring at you,’ and I respond with ‘pay them no mind,’” shared the fervent advocate of body art. She added that her children discern the unfavorable perceptions directed at her. “They’ve heard comments that my kids will distance themselves when they grow up, and that’s truly heart-wrenching.”

Inspiring her children and motivating them to look up to her as an example, Sloan’s offspring are already developing an affinity for body art.

“Just last night, they had some applied on their arms. However, since they have school, they’ll need to remove them,” Sloan explained, referring to the temporary tattoos she allowed her children to have. She also mentioned that she assured them of the possibility of getting permanent tattoos later on, saying, “I assure them that when they’re older, they’ll get even more impressive ones.”

Prior to acquiring her tattoos, she possessed a rather ordinary appearance. On her Instagram account, she posted pictures of her face before getting tattooed. If you knew her from that time, you’d find her current appearance barely recognizable!

While tasteful body art is perfectly acceptable, some individuals might take it to an extreme. Although it’s important not to pass judgment, one can comprehend why employers might hesitate to have her as a representative of their brand. We hope that this woman’s children will learn from their mother’s experiences, thus avoiding feeling like outsiders in the future.

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