A Mother’s Dream

A Mother’s dream is to see her children grow to be happy and successful.

God’s love is greater than a Mother’s love.  But the saying goes, that a Mother’s love is the next best thing to God’s love.

No one can ever love their kids like their Mom. I wish I could leave this world when the time comes, knowing that my children will do fine. I love them so much. I can only pray that what I have taught them will keep them safe and loved when I am no longer here.

I know how much my mother loves including my dad I feel their love and I know that no one can ever love me like they do no matter how good or bad I have been they have always had my back and I can’t love them enough there is nothing that they haven’t done for me or my children. Me as a mom I can’t love my kids enough no matter how they are to me my love to them will always be unconditional and I know no one can ever love them like I do. 

No mother want to leave their children 😢  behind in this world  no matter what their age especially if they are disabled.

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