A plumber repaired the boiler for a 91 years old woman with a terminal illness and did not charge her any money.

Currently gaining popularity online, a plumber is being recognized for his compassionate endeavor: providing free plumbing services to the elderly and vulnerable individuals.

Although every community member may benefit from support from their neighbors and friends, it is widely understood that the elderly and individuals with disabilities are the ones who require it the most.

Unfortunately, due to the fear of burdening others, these individuals often hesitate to seek assistance, even when they genuinely need it.

James, hailing from Liverpool, firmly pledges to provide his customers with “complimentary plumbing services for a lifetime.”

“We must embrace our shared humanity and take care of one another.”

Even though his compassionate act has brought him online fame, James humbly deflects all the praise, emphasizing that it’s a collective effort within the community. While some might question the plumber’s motivations behind these selfless gestures, James straightforwardly reveals that it brings him a sense of fulfillment and inner contentment.

“It fills me with a sense of humanity, humility, and excitement deep within… My ambition is to extend this service nationwide. I won’t ever stop striving,” he expressed.

James envisions broadening the scope of their services beyond Burnley, and the exposure garnered through the viral receipt could prove instrumental.

“I have other plumbers… stepping up to lend a hand. My aspiration is to establish Depher as a national initiative, present in every city and town,” James elaborated.

Highlighted COMMENT on this story:

“Reading about James Anderson, the compassionate plumber who didn’t charge a penny to repair an elderly woman’s boiler, brought me immense joy. As a 63 years old plumber myself, now in semi-retirement, I’ve often offered significant discounts or even provided free service for quick jobs that took no more than 10 minutes.”

“My boss was always understanding and supportive, especially since he had an ailing parent himself, which made him realize how much our clients valued our work. So, a big salute to you, James, for being an excellent role model for us plumbers. Our profession is demanding and can be risky, and providing our services to the elderly is something they genuinely cherish.” — Bruce Drury

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